Thursday, August 12, 2010

When a super studio becomes a MEGA studio!

I've been in my new studio for 10 months now and as super good as it is I felt the need to update a few things...mostly after a friend begain building his new music studio at his house.

Anyway, I updated a few bits of hardware and rebuilt my desk to make better use of it's enormouse size and to build in my light table.

It was all completely unnecessary, but sometimes I get a hankering to design and build something and luckily it didn't turn out crap!


Tel said...

Looks good Luke - but way too neat - where's the room where you do all the work ?
I like the photo in the screen - does that go on forever ?

Luke Watson said...

I'm a clean sort of guy, Tel I put my stuff away whenever I'm done (ask my mum...)

The photo on the screen was a bit of a coincidence, the first photo was shit, but unfortunately it doesn't go on for ever.