Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who's that handsome Devil?

I got to do some cartoon workshops recently, the first since the move to Victoria, and it was great to get out there and do a bit of teaching. Plus I got my mug in the local paper, can't argue with that.

Beard Envy

Well I've been flat out, but I did have the pleasure of heading to the opening of an exhibition by a childhood friend of mine a few weeks ago. His name is Neils (Nails) Oeltjen and we hadn't seen each other for 13 years or so. He's always been a great artist and is making a name for his work around Australia. It's, not to sound too arty farty, really bold but delicate, using spray paint to add depth and colour and then layering detail and texture on top. Very cool.

Anywho below are a few photos and sorry they're such low quality my camera phone sucks in dark rooms.

Well I suppose I should do a review, it could become a standard thing here.

Level of Work: Awesome, if I had some spare dollars I would've have bought a couple.
Venue: Nice, Somewhat of a fire hazard with cardboard walls and all.
Nibblies: Only lamingtons - awesome.
Number of Free Drinks: Endless and Little Creatures too!