Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here's Something New

At the end of last year I did some "Graphic Facilitation". It sounds swanky and essentially I was working live illustrating the ideas brought up in a focus group. It was great fun and last week the same company got me in to do a "live farewell card" for their retiring boss. I did a big caricature in the middle an then employees came up and told me stories about the boss' time at the company, which I illustrated.

I had a blast and did the biggest caricature I've ever done and if I could do more of these I would jump at it.

Recent Live Caricatures

Here's a selection of live caricatures from the weekend. It was a wedding so everyone was in a good mood and ripe for the exagerating. They came out pretty well and I worked faster than I ever have drawing 36 people in two hours.

Pity about the photos I had to rush them at the end of the job...


Just an update on recent comissions. This one came out well, 100% digitally drawn and was finished in around 3 hours.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

RTR FM Interview

I was invited to do some live caricaturing in Perth earlier this month. As part of the promo for the event I was intervied on local radio. Being my first interview it went pretty good I'm told, although I haven't listened to it since...

They asked me to knock up a caricature of the presenter during the interview which would've have been fine if I wasn't sitting at a weird angle to talk into the mic, it turned out okay-ish.

If you want to have a listen to Luke 'Media Whore' Watson, click below:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Watson House Warming

I promised my brother a painting as a house warming present in July 2007.

I just finished it.

It came out well, it's the biggest thing I've done so far measuring a good 1000 x 750mm (unframed). I did the base colour blocking digitally and then got a matte print done, then I did the details with gouache and ink over the top. It's a techinique I've wanted to play around with for a while to try and bring some traditional originality to digital work, stay tuned for caricatures using this idea.

The Great Wall

Well for all of those who were eagerly waiting to see if the giant stone wall would be a success, behold the wonders of the gravity retaining wall!

Heartfelt thanks go out to Stace, Jade, Seth and Jorja for all of their help.

Now for the house...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Christmas Season Live Cariatures

Here's just a few live caricature examples from the Christmas period, also known as the busy season. I was part of a long promotional deal with Glenfiddich which saw me and many Australian caricaturists doing jobs all over and I managed to squeeze out of few rippers.

The Stanley Awards 08

Well November 24th ish I was in Coffs Harbour for the Stanley Awards. It was a great weekend I got to meet up with guest of honour and cartooning big wig from the US Jim Borgman (Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist and co-creator of Zits). He's a lovely and humble guy and managed to wow him with a caricature I did of him and then, in the photo below, I accidentally felt his arse.

As a side note to the drinking and feeling of men's bits and pieces I was nominated by my peers for caricaturist of the year. The award was taken out by David Rowe (The Financial Review) and the other photo is me stealing said award.

Level of Work: Outstanding (and that's just me!).
Venue: Subtropical, but a bit 80s, all in all very nice.
Nibblies: Good at all events, even happy hour at the pub, except these weird fish cakes...not good.
Number of free drinks: As many as the waiters could carry.

Mr Borgman rocking a Hawaiian shirt
The caricature I did of Jim

The Rotary Cartoon Competition in the Bunker Gallery Coffs Harbour (I had two pieces exhibited).

I'm Back Baby!


I've either been incredibly busy or slack, boths ways means no posts since November! Ye Gods people, I hear you screaming "what the devil has he been up to?!".

Well here comes the back log...