Monday, August 30, 2010

Whippy logo

I got this rush job late last week. An ice cream van company that needed a new logo pronto. They had comissioned a "cartoonist" to do them a logo, but that unscrupulous individual ripped off someone elses logo and claimed it as their own concept.

Naturally this was brought to my client's attention by lawyers and so the need for a new logo was born!

It's an icecream. Nothing complicated and a little too close to the original logo, that caused all of the issues, for me - but it's my clients logo now and the result isn't too bad.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Acrylic Painting

I spent a couple of hours over the last few afternoons having a crack at painting in acrylic. I had a false start a few months back, it was my first ever go and it was an unmitigated distaster, so I had a bit of a breather before I tried again. I tried black and white this time, to make it easier on myself and I also chose to paint a caricature of Larry David, which also made it easier.

Any way I'm pretty chuffed for a first real go.

And a sequence of how it came together

Thursday, August 12, 2010

When a super studio becomes a MEGA studio!

I've been in my new studio for 10 months now and as super good as it is I felt the need to update a few things...mostly after a friend begain building his new music studio at his house.

Anyway, I updated a few bits of hardware and rebuilt my desk to make better use of it's enormouse size and to build in my light table.

It was all completely unnecessary, but sometimes I get a hankering to design and build something and luckily it didn't turn out crap!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scarlett Johansson

I've spent the last week or so drawing a lot of ugly blokes, so I thought I'd give myself a break and draw someone who wasn't...

3 hours, 100% photoshop

A few commissions

Here are a few commissioned caricatures for clients around the country. I've been renovating my studio desk the last week so I've just been doing the work I actually have to get done...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kristina Keneally

This is an illustration I did a while ago for a magazine in the US, but I've been waiting for permission to use it. They haven't gotten back to me either way, so I thought I'd post it regardless because it came up a treat.

For those who don't know Kristina Keneally is the Labor Party Premier for the Australian state of New South Wales. She's originally from the US, hence the interest from a US mag. She's jumped into a position that's really a sinking ship, after years of mismanagement from her predecessors.

I don't really care though because I live in Victoria...