Thursday, April 22, 2010

Australian Creative Magazine Cartoons

I have a regular gig doing a cartoon for one of the columnists in Australian Creative Magazine (advertising industry mag). I've had the job for a while and a few months back the column changed authors and the new author was looking for a new style to represent his writing.

He mentioned Ralph Steadman as a guide. I was so happy that I jumped aboard with a Steadman rip off and they were happy. Since then I 've been working with that style and trying not to make it too much of a rip off, but generally I don't care - Steadman is such a legend I have too much fun trying to work like him.

The other bonus is that the artwork is done with brush and ink (finished in PS) - something I'm not great at but love to do, it makes me feel like a real artist.


Toby_K said...

Hey thanks a lot for your comment, I really appreciate it. I would love for you to follow me and hopefully you will like my future work, Thanks:)

Nori Tominaga said...

fantastic stuff. lots of energy and congrats on the big day too!