Monday, March 28, 2011


I took the weekend to pop down to Tassie to visit the new MONA museum or Museum of New and Old Art. It's the new penis extension of gambler/art collector David Walsh and it's amazing.

The structure itself is fantatic even before the stuck any of his $100 million collection into it, but the artwork didn't dissapoint. I even sat next to Walsh on the plane ride home (after being bumped up to premium economy) - but he rebuffed my advances...

The opening exhibition runs until July, after which I will be heading back.

Have a squiz at the website here.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chevron Poster

Here's a poster I just finished for Chevron. It's one of those jobs where you have to make a whole bunch of power point files and documents about some business process look interesting and understandable...

The poster is about 1200 x 1000 (that some inches x a few inches for any American's playing) so there's a lot of detail. I had a lot of fun putting this together and mucking around with the colour pallette.