Sunday, November 28, 2010

Larry David take 2

After my first crack at painting Larry David using acryllics I was asked to give it another go for a trade with colleague Anton Emdin.

So I did and he liked it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Whippy Characters

Following on from the Whippy Kiosk logo I posted a while back, the company asked me to come up with a girl and boy character to replace the Micky and Minnie mouse cartoons they were using on their vans...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Stanley Awards

Well the weekend just past was home to the 2010 Australian Cartoon (Stanley) Awards in Melbourne. I went along to meet special guests Stan Goldberg (Archie) and Jason Seiler (caricature smarty pants) and to catch up with colleagues.

Seiler put on a fantastic master class, which promptly put my drawing skills into perspective, and Stan regaled us all with stories from his involvement in the US cartoon industry for the last 50 years...

On the Saturday night the annual awards were held and I was lucky enough to be nominated in both the caricature and illustration categories I entered. I was deservedly beaten by David Rowe and Anton Emdin, respectively, and the night went on from there to be a hoot! Plus I have video of Jason Seiler pulling some killer dance moves, which I'll use for blackmail down the track...

I was also voted in as the Victorian/Tasmanian President for the Australian Cartoon Association and hopefully the next two years will be a fun ride.

So below is the work I submitted to the awards and some photos from the night (thanks to Jason Chatfield and Judy Nadin).

Well until next year I guess and one step further...

Caricature Submission
Illustration Submission

Caricature nominee Judy Nadin, Me, and the lovely Stacey

The after party

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My friend the muppet...

A good friend of mine recently completed his Phd, so as a graduation present I organised to get a puppet made in his image..naturally.

Luckily he does look like a muppet (sorry Brett) and it wasn't too hard of a task for a local puppet maker (every town should have one) Kerryn Jean Patton.

It was possible the funniest thing I've ever seen when they were finally united on Friday and the puppet's presence has changed the way we make fun of our friend for ever!