Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Cropdusters Step-by-step

Step 1: So I had this idea, of old time crop dusters.  I found some pretty good references to get me started, but not a great one of the old style bug sprayer...but I did up a loose sketch to get the layout how I had in my mind.

Step 2: I've added a low opacity mid tone to the canvas ( as always ) and began to block in the face an body, the face is nearly there.  At this stage I ised two or three different references, but I still haven't found what I'm after with the bugsprayer, and I don't have one lying around to photograph myself, so I've left it blank.

Step 3: The main character is done and I have still left the arm blank.  Ready to start on the background and I'm pissed off at this stage about the right arm...

Step 4: Added the sky, I'm pretty happy with it as it only took about 5 minutes to paint using a a blue to white gradient, a couple of standard PS brushes and the gaussian filter.  The plane I painted in quite a bit of detail as I wasn't yet sure of how I wanted the depth of field to play out in the final version.  It was fun to paint as well.

The right arm has founf it's place after I finally found a couple of good reference shots.  It's at a different angle to how I initially imagined, but I think it gives the character a strong pose and a tight grip on the bug sprayer.

Step 4: Added some extra people in the background, painted quite loosely as I knew that they would be dropped out of focus in the final version.  And yes, I also added a lense flare, shut up.  It's because at this stage I know I'm aiming for an older looking style to the illustration...

Step 5: I've added the crop below and some basic shadows.  I've also worked out how I want the depth of field to work and resixed a couple of the elements to better fit the overall look.  I'm also adding highlights and spray details.

 Step 6:  I've added a texture Overlay layer to age the illustration and a low opacity, black to white, gradient on a multiply layer to add a bit more shading...

Step 7:  The final step is to add an old polaroid as a texture layer to add a bit of fun to the final piece.

Thanks for reading,