Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Sliding Door

With winter coming fast I needed to organise a door to shut off our main living area and keep it warm.  I designed (and had fabricated) a sliding door mechanism that runs on two heavy duty steel wheels.  The style is kind of in keeping with old school barn doors and are all the rage with architects at the moment.  To buy something similar in Australia you'd be looking at well over $1000 for the mechanism only, I got it for way less than that!

The door is a 1200 x 2200 pine laminate and weighs about 95kg, way more that I thought it would, so I had to reinforce the rail attached to the wall.  But it's up and seems to be staying up, looks great and keeps my wife warm...

If anyone in Victoria wants one let me know and I'll be able to sort it out for you I should think.

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