Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Stanley Awards 08

Well November 24th ish I was in Coffs Harbour for the Stanley Awards. It was a great weekend I got to meet up with guest of honour and cartooning big wig from the US Jim Borgman (Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist and co-creator of Zits). He's a lovely and humble guy and managed to wow him with a caricature I did of him and then, in the photo below, I accidentally felt his arse.

As a side note to the drinking and feeling of men's bits and pieces I was nominated by my peers for caricaturist of the year. The award was taken out by David Rowe (The Financial Review) and the other photo is me stealing said award.

Level of Work: Outstanding (and that's just me!).
Venue: Subtropical, but a bit 80s, all in all very nice.
Nibblies: Good at all events, even happy hour at the pub, except these weird fish cakes...not good.
Number of free drinks: As many as the waiters could carry.

Mr Borgman rocking a Hawaiian shirt
The caricature I did of Jim

The Rotary Cartoon Competition in the Bunker Gallery Coffs Harbour (I had two pieces exhibited).


Tel said...

Great to see you out of retirement Luke - that's a really nice Borgman, good work.

Anthony Pascoe said...

I really like the colours on this one Luke, strong likeness too...keep em comming